Summer Strategies: Warming up to Piano Practice

Any studio that chooses to teach through the summer understands that it will present its own unique challenges. Schedules change, motivation can wane, and those who are not as self-motivated in personality tend to struggle through practice during the months off of a school routine.

With this in mind, there are two ways to gear up for summer:

1. Brace yourself and lower your expectation of what will be accomplished.

2. Switch things up and throw in some curve balls to keep learning and fun happening all together.

I’m not opposed to being realistic. So I will indeed adjust my expectations to fit my student’s schedule and plan for the summer. But if I can motivate them in a variety of new ways to CHOOSE practice and learning for themselves, then everyone benefits.

So today I’m sharing a fun summer bingo pack that can be used to prompt practice and music involvement. Keep in mind that not everyone is motivated in the same way. But if we can jumpstart learning for even a handful of otherwise unmotivated students, I consider that a success!

Looking for other ways to challenge and engage your students this summer? Check out my FREE piano ninja summer activities at the links below 🙂

The Piano Ninja Incentive

Piano Ninja Game

Ninja Note Flashcards

Ninja Ear Training

Your Littlest Piano Ninjas


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