Kinesthetic Learning Meets Ear Training

Kinesthetic learning meets ear training in today’s free printable!

I recently saw an old picture my mom had taken of me from high school. In it I was reading a book. But I wasn’t sitting on a chair, in the grass, or on my bed. I was walking around my house in circles while I read.

This was not my normal habit, but I vividly remember that this particular night I needed to remember the information for a class. And on top of that I was tired. So my solution? To get my body moving enough to stay awake and also really KNOW the information. Mom thought it was a funny enough strategy to document it with a picture and Facebook post at the time 😉

Movement aids memory. And whether or not you’re using the Piano Ninja Challenge with your students this summer (more details on that here), your students will be having fun as they listen for their rhythms and show off their ninja moves in today’s free activity.

Not all of your students will be kinesthetic learners, but those who are will be excited about the opportunity to learn through movement! And those who aren’t will still have fun and be able to reinforce their rhythms through ear training.

All you have to do? Print off the worksheet that contains their level of rhythm, and clap/play the rhythms for them to find 🙂

Stay tuned for more Piano Ninja Challenge printable coming your way in the next few weeks! As an added bonus today, I’m also sharing some ideas for your students to complete the “Big Picture” part of the challenge.

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