About McKenzie

Thanks for stopping by Piano Possibilities! My name is McKenzie Pausch, and I have been in love with teaching since 2010. As I started teaching out of my parent’s living room in high school, I had no idea how much of an impact I could choose to have on the students that walk through my door, and the even greater influence my students would unknowingly have on me!

Ten years later and I’ve moved a thriving studio into Skyline Music (Cleveland, OH). I’ve had the privilege of studying with Amanda Teall, Dr. Sebastian Birch (Kent State, Stark), and Nancy Bachus (Cleveland State University). I love teaching students of all ages and abilities, and also find much of my time devoted to furthering the piano teacher network through the store. I began my time at Cleveland State University studying Music Therapy. Since taking the classes and eventually changing my major to focus on teaching, I have devoted my career to teaching with a better understanding of each individual student, and how music can change their lives.

With the help of my mentors, I have taken hold of some amazing opportunities both in Cleveland and beyond. My first article on “Adaptive Piano Lessons” was published in Clavier Companion (now the Piano Magazine) in 2018. In the same year I was able to give 3 separate presentations on “Game-Based Learning” in Cleveland. 2019 brought the opportunity to judge for Junior Festival and talk more about Game-Based Learning at NCKP 2019 in Lombard, Illinois. I am also a member of Cleveland’s Piano Teacher Organization.

My hope is that by reading this blog, teachers will be inspired and equipped to teach their students the way their students need to learn. If you as a teacher are aware of your student’s needs and are having fun, your students are bound to have fun too!

In my spare time, I love kayaking, hiking, biking, and catching a sunset at the lake with my husband and our families. You will also find me crafting and preparing fun lesson activities throughout the week. When I’m not teaching, you may find me traveling or working alongside my husband and our church in inner-city Cleveland. To catch up with us there, check out cityviewbc.org.