Ninja Note Flashcards

This past weekend turned out with beautiful weather for the Fourth of July here in Ohio, and I took every opportunity to enjoy it! A weekend of biking, hiking, kayaking, and swimming later, I woke up today sore and feeling worn out. Thankfully in that I-really-enjoyed-it-all kind of way, but nevertheless worn. My neighbors probably got a good laugh as I attempted a short walk to get my muscles moving a bit this morning 😉

In a stroke of genius, I had already prepped for my lessons this week before today. My weary morning walk freshly reminded me that having as many of my materials on hand and easy to pull ahead of time makes the fun of the weekend stay fun – and not turn into stress come Monday morning.

So today I’m sharing more ninja resources to make your lesson prep this week just as easy for the Piano Ninja Challenge! Print, laminate, cut, and you’re all set to go 🙂

So far on the blog, I’ve shared the original Ninja Starter Packet, decoration banners, and Piano Ninja Twister. Today I’m sharing flashcards that can be used for games, timed challenges, and mini flashcards to fit the keys.

There are times to do the work and prep your materials ready. But the rest of the time should be filled with on-hand materials. You will find that life is more enjoyable when you can enjoy the moment and say “Yep! I’ve already checked that off the list!”

Have you missed the the beginning of this summer’s Piano Ninja Challenge? Check out what’s available by clicking the images below!

All FREE 🙂

Piano Ninja Starter Pack

Banners and Ninja Twister


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