Free Piano Ninja Game to Kick Off the Summer

Are you using the Piano Ninja Challenge with your students this summer? The only thing better than the challenge itself is having lots of fun extras to keep the theme going 🙂

We’ll be keeping our ninja theme going all summer, but today I’m sharing a fun and engaging kinesthetic game along with a banner you can cut out and hang in your studio.

Anytime you take an event from happening to happening-with-all-the-extras, your students will be begging to be apart of the action. And this typically means less missed lessons, piano being moved up the priority ladder in comparison to other activities, and more practice in order to be successful! All big bonuses!

Keeping the goal front and center should be first priority whenever we run a studio-wide event. So to start I’m sending out a ninja banner that you can display prominently for your students to see. Simply print, cut, punch holes in the top two corners, and thread a string through to create an easy banner 🙂

If you’ve been around the blog, you’ll remember that we did a 12 Days of Note Reading Christmas series last year. Day 2 included kinesthetic learning and my studio’s favorite “Grand Staff Twister” instructions. You can check out the original cards and instructions here 🙂

Today I’ve included Grand Staff Twister 2.0 – Ninja Edition. By printing the cards and grabbing a role of duct tape, it may be the most fun your studio has all summer! Your students will be practicing their notes AND ninja moves. Win win 😉

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Did you miss last week’s free ninja starter pack? You can check out the full post here or download the pack itself below.

What do Piano Ninjas do?

Join us as we encourage our students to seek to learn expansively, dig deeper, and be consistent throughout the summer!


3 thoughts on “Free Piano Ninja Game to Kick Off the Summer

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