Book of the Month: June 2021

On any given day, it’s easier to deal with what’s at hand rather than have a larger-than-self attitude. Today’s problems often either consume us or shut us down.

But in a world where the everyday, mundane, and overwhelming seem like all there is, reading can offer us a fresh glance at the bigger picture. So today I’m sharing two books that will hopefully remind both you and your students that there is more to life than today. But today is when we start making the small choices that have an affect on the bigger picture!

Student’s Choice – Because By: Mo Willems

Because offers a powerful look at how seemingly small decisions and events can end up having bigger effects than we can ever imagine. As a powerful reminder for adults and an important lesson for our kids, this is a must have on your bookshelf 🙂

Our teacher suggestion for this month carries a lot of the same weight as Because. Angela Duckworth’s Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance.

Duckworth is a psychologist with an impressive resume that she does NOT chalk up to talent. She discusses how everyone from West Point grads to musicians to athletes will all go further with what she calls “grit” than any amount of talent alone will bring to the table.

This is extremely relevant when it comes to our piano studios! I have long said that I’d rather teach students who lack talent but work hard than the talented ones who never practice. Duckworth gives the reader an explanation of grit and why it matters, how to grow grit from the inside out, and how to grow grit from the outside in. She discusses how the roles of parents, teachers and mentors, and a person’s background can all contribute to how gritty a person will be. She argues that it’s not just a personality trait, but rather something that can grow and develop over time. She talks about fostering intrinsic motivation rather then extrinsic, and how passion and interest are fostered first through play, not work. She discusses how culture affects our grit, and how having a dream isn’t enough – we need appropriately placed goals to get to the dream.

If you’re looking for an interesting, practical, and science-backed read that will give insight to both your studio and your life, this book is a great start! (And as of the date this is posted, is almost half off!)

Teacher’s Choice – Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance By: Angela Duckworth

Happy Reading!

Interested in other book recommendations? Check out what I’ve been reading this year by clicking on the pictures below 🙂


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