Resource Roundup: October 2021

If your schedule is anything like mine has been lately, you want to walk into October with your teaching materials as planned as possible 🙂 Your students will be thrilled at the prospect of anything Halloween related showing up in their lessons, but it doesn't have to be complicated! Below you'll find my favorites for …

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Free Piano Ninja Game to Kick Off the Summer

Are you using the Piano Ninja Challenge with your students this summer? The only thing better than the challenge itself is having lots of fun extras to keep the theme going 🙂 We'll be keeping our ninja theme going all summer, but today I'm sharing a fun and engaging kinesthetic game along with a banner …

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Day 2: Kinesthetic Learning

It’s December 2nd, and today we’re getting our students off the bench and moving! Some of my students sit like perfect angels for a whole lesson. Others can’t sit for hardly five minutes. Either way, it’s important to engage our student’s whole bodies in their learning from time to time! Your kinesthetic/tactile students learn concepts …

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