Can Santa Deliver Gifts AND Good Practice Habits?

Christmas music is in full swing, and the excitement is tangible around my studio 🙂 Now that it’s December, we’ve had a few snowflakes, and there are sparkling Christmas lights hung everywhere, I have joined my student’s excitement in hearing the carols coming out of my studio (key word being December, not November).

But sometimes excitement can lead to bad habits. How you say? I find that the more excited my younger students are to play the carols they know and love, the less likely they are to take a good first look at the score and to understand the music as it’s written. Anyone else notice this problem? Some of my most eager students have come in and played the entire book as they’ve imagined it should go 😉

And while I am all for creativity and learning to enhance a score here and there, you can only truly enhance, rearrange, and improvise a piece you’ve first learned as it is written. So how do we encourage our students to slow down and take a good look at what they are actually to be playing?

Today’s score study printable is a great place to start! Join Santa in delivering presents around the world AND engage your students in thoughtfully studying a score all at once 🙂 Download the file and have some fun doing an otherwise rather mundane task!

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