Day 10: Games

If you’ve been following along for our whole series, you by now have 10 different techniques to ensure that your students are amazing notes readers! Have you heard the old Roman proverb, “Repetition is the mother of learning”? They were not wrong. But as I’ve said in the past, repetition does not have to be boring! It simply takes a little bit of creativity on our part 🙂

Most students will not look at a note the first time and remember it forever. It takes practice along with lots and lots of repetition! So today we are talking about one of my FAVORITE ways to repeat note reading … games! I gifted you a freebie game on Day 1 to practice note printing,  Day 2 to get your students up and moving, and Day 5 with a list of iPad games. Games come in as many shapes and sizes as our students!

Why teach with game-based learning? Earlier this year I made a case for the effectiveness of teaching through games … I won’t rehash it on today’s post, but if you missed it I encourage you to check it out here 🙂

Because today’s main theme is games, I am gifting you a fun Christmas Cookie game that you can use during these last few lessons before Christmas! Your students will have a blast, and you will be able to end the year on a high note … despite all of the ups and downs we’ve been walking through together!

Pro Tip: Want to have a really amazing last lesson before the holiday? Bake some cookies or give some business to your local bakery this holiday season so that you have cookies to eat (or send home with your students) that match the game! Teaching online lessons? You can screen share with zoom (make sure you download the PDF of the game), or have the student roll dice and answer questions on their end while you manipulate the game board pieces for them to see on the screen. If you porch drop some cookies in advance, you’ll be the talk of the town!

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