Day 1: Note Printing

It’s here! Day 1 of our 12 Days of Note Reading 🙂 And I am excited to embark on this journey with you! Teaching with multisensory methods ensures that your students are learning in a holistic way … and on top of that is so much more fun than running flashcards each lesson!

Today I am gifting you three different packs of note printing sheets. Why include note printing in your studio? Because I have never met a student who didn’t learn to write their letters as they were learning to read in school. Both are incredibly important to understanding language, and both are incredibly important to understanding music! The student who can successfully draw their notes will be much more likely to read them proficiently.

Some of my students LOVE note printing, and others loath it. So for those that would rather skip this part of the learning process, I like to have short and sweet activities on hand that won’t take long and won’t burn them out. Download, print, and have some note printing fun in your studio this week!

Pack #1 is for the holiday season … did your students enjoy pumpkin race note printing this Halloween? Crack out the skittles again and have some note printing fun with the Christmas countdown! I’ve included keyboard awareness, bass, and treble clef here 🙂

Pack #2 is for basic printing skills. Grab a note printing snapshot page, and have your students draw three matching notes next to the given note. Your student will master note names and rhythms in no time!

Pack #3 is for the everyday grab-and-go worksheet. Your students will have fun drawing notes as they help Freddie the Frog get home in time for dinner 🙂 Complete these during the last few minutes of a lesson, or send them as worksheets to complete at home.

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