Integrating Music Into a Season of Frenzy

The holiday season is in full swing, and because of this my husband and I took a close look at our calendar yesterday. We are blessed with families we love to be around, a church we are active in, and jobs we are grateful for and want to give our attention to. The closer look at our calendar came because we really do love all of these things. But we are human and can only stretch ourselves so thin. We both have 2 weeks off of our primary jobs, and we have seen firsthand how quickly those two weeks can fill and leave us tired heading into the New Year.

As we talked through our Thanksgiving break (we did get to rest with our families, and had a wonderful time doing it), and looked at the month ahead, we were carving out specific time for space. Space to be unscheduled and choose whether to be home or go out. Space that is not booked and could be used for last minute excursions, keeping up with the cleaning, or time to sleep in. But we also looked at how that space could be unstructured and still filled with the things that will fill us up 🙂

Each month I send out ideas for my students and their families to create a musical environment at home. This may same counter productive – doesn’t this encourage frenzy and to-do lists?

I don’t expect that each family will talk through or engage in each activity each month. But I do hope that families are carving space to be together with flex time. And I do encourage activities that fill my families up and create new and stronger bonds together.

These monthly music environment prompts are shared here and free for your use in your studio. Save, send, and share – you never know which families might engage with music in new ways this holiday season!

Book Recommendations

Family Music Challenges

Monthly Listening Prompts

Practice Tips


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