Christmas Around the World

2020 has surprised us all. And not just one big event, but seemingly over and over and over again. As I plan for Christmas this year, I dutifully pick out leveled music that will inspire my students to practice and (try) to end the year on a positive note. My studio also participates in a Music Against Hunger event that raises money for the Cleveland Food Bank. It’s a festive, laid-back, and very purposeful event that teaches us how to use our music to benefit others!

Last year I went through the work of coordinating 30 students playing duets with each other. And although I felt like an air traffic controller for about a month, it was totally worth it! So worth it that I considered it one of my major take-aways from 2019 🙂 But a pandemic is not conducive to pairing students (some that I haven’t seen in person since early March), and sticking them on a bench together. So I sat down and thought about what I could do to bring a more rounded musical experience to my students this Christmas season.

And voila, we have Christmas Music Around the World Bingo! Meant to be easy, fun, and encourage learning outside of the box, each of my students will get a copy of this bingo board, and the link to the page with all of the videos. It’s that easy! They only have to look in one place and be practicing their Christmas music for almost everything they need 🙂

Are you looking for something simple to inspire learning in your studio this holiday season? Check out the page here, and let the learning begin!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Around the World

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