Women in Music: Women’s History Month 2022

What do your students learn about composers and professional musicians in your studio? Because I desire to see my students become composers and invested musicians themselves, it is monumentally important that I introduce them to a wide array of musicians. Who can be a musician? Anyone! Color, race, gender, or any other category do not matter. And because it’s Women’s History Month, I hope to take the opportunity to highlight female musicians who have done amazing things!

Below you’ll find a variety of books to inspire and engage your students in learning about women in music. Click the images to order 🙂

At the bottom of this page you’ll find some other resources I have enjoyed using with my students, women-in-music swag, my latest personal reading, and the link to an interview with renowned pedagogue Nancy Bachus – a woman in music who has had a profound impact on me!

An interview with the late pianist and teacher Nancy Bachus – click on the image below 🙂

Wunderkeys Composer Cards

Dynamic Doodle Posters and Swag – Super cute music history resources and piano teacher swag 🙂

In my own reading, I just finished listening to a biography about Hazel Scott. Have you heard of her? She made her mark jazzin’ the classics, and was so talented that she studied at Juilliard at the age of 8. This makes her not only one of the youngest to attend, but one of the first females and students of color. She used her position as both a famous pianist and as the wife of a famous politician to further the civil rights movement. Although her story has been largely passed over in history, she is someone worth knowing. Check out the book here 🙂

Never heard of her? Check out these videos that I sent out in my studio newsletter this past weekend.

Do you incorporate Women’s History Month into your studio? Into your own learning? I would love to hear about what resources you have found!


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