Fun Fact Friday: America’s Composer

Did you know that February 8th was John Williams’ 90th birthday?!

Not only has this incredible man had a lifetime of composing many of the most recognizable movie soundtracks (Star Wars, Home Alone, Jaws, Jurassic Park, among many, many others), but he continues to conduct orchestras today! By the time he was out of grade school, John Williams played so many instruments that he could be the orchestra, but he started music and specifically the piano at the age of 6. I had to do a bit of digging to find recordings or video of him playing the piano (there are just so many videos of him conducting!), but I wanted to share a couple of lesser-known videos with him on his primary instrument. If you’re interested in finding more, you’ll have to search under “John Towner Williams” or “John Williams Trio” to find them on Youtube 🙂

Interested in learning more about John Williams’ life and career? Check out the sites below 🙂


Britannica page

John Williams on Wikipedia

Classic FM


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