What’s November really about?

It’s November! And around my studio, that means the Christmas music makes its first appearance. Everyone has their own philosophy on when Christmas music should begin. Because I’m a musician and I understand the idea of practice, I dutifully hand it out after Halloween. But my piano teacher ears can’t handle Jingle Bells much before then 😉

So November comes and we work to be thankful and celebrate with pumpkins and turkeys while listening and practicing to Jingle Bells and We Wish You A Merry Christmas….

And as I was listening to the various student responses as I announced they’d receive Christmas music, I decided to put together a simple note game that mashes together the two seasons 🙂 If we have to manage falling leaves and Santa Claus, we might as well have some fun!

Today’s freebie is included in the PDF below. Simply print, laminate, and have your students help Santa rake leaves so he can get back to making Christmas presents!

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