March 27, 2022

Hello Students and Parents,

I hope you enjoyed the week off of lessons and are ready to get back at it tomorrow 🙂

Important things to know –

~ Individual invoices went out with this newsletter attached. Please make sure to read them carefully – they are due by the first lesson of the month 🙂

~ You will also notice that ALL lessons will be virtual the week of April 11th. I am having a minor, outpatient surgery a few days before, and the doctor recommended I lay low the following week. Because I have already had some of you tell me about being gone for spring break and recital prep will be in full swing, I want to make sure we are still able to touch base and work towards the coming performance. Thank you for understanding!

~ This spring’s recital date is Sunday, May 22nd. There will be two performance times open that day. Over the next couple of weeks, students will be finalizing their selections to perform.

~ How are your practice journals going? As the weather turns and new sports and events start up, this is your reminder that every bit of practice counts. And your practice journals should be on hand to help you maximize every practice moment! It’s not the minutes that matter, but what you do with those minutes 🙂 Remember that learning to play an instrument is an exercise in playing the long game!

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See you in the studio,