March 13, 2022

Hi Y’all,

I hope this newsletter finds you well and enjoying the weekend 🙂 A few things to remember as we head into the studio this week –

~ We DO have lessons this week … but there will be no lessons the week of March 21st.

~ This spring’s recital date is Sunday, May 22nd. There will be more details to come, but for now mark your calendars and know that there will be two performance times open that day.

~ This month is Women’s History Month along with Frederic Chopin’s birthday. Our listening for the month comes from Hazel Scott … a pioneering female jazz artist who was most recognized for “swinging the classics.” Her career is incredible, and I encourage you to check out more of her work! Below is a recording of her swinging Chopin, but you can’t miss her playing two pianos at once, so I’ve included that video too 🙂

Are there other female musicians you like to listen to? Don’t let the listening stop with just one new discovery a month! Spotify has tons of playlists featuring women in music from almost every genre you could think of.

See you in the studio,


Did you catch last week’s video review of February? If not, click play below 🙂