Have you downloaded our most loved game?

It’s that time of year when our lives are busy and we just want our studios to keep ticking without added pressure. Looking at my calendar I realize I only have 3 weeks of lessons before our Christmas break begins. In that time, my students will perform at our annual Music Against Hunger performance, I will need to have student gifts ready to hand out, and my personal life will run at a moderate holiday season pace (and I’m hoping it stays that way and doesn’t reach frantic in the meantime!).

What does all this mean? I need lesson prep to be quick and easy! Besides performance preparation, I find that the holiday season is the perfect time to wind down and let the students enjoy some EXTRA game-based activities to take some of the pressure off of the rest of their to-do lists.

So although this is a game that I’ve shared on the site before, I wanted to make sure it is one you are aware is free and easy!

Get this version of Nutcracker Spot-It and have the perfect game to review basic piano concepts and include music history in the meantime 🙂 This has been Piano Possibilities’ most visited and downloaded page!

The holiday season can get busy … so make sure to lighten your load wherever possible!

You can download this game for FREE here.


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