Cupid’s Note Reading

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and Cupid is doing some target practice around my studio 🙂 This year I’ve committed to popping in quick and easy note reading practice every moment possible during lessons. Typically, keeping it short makes it that much more palatable for those students who typically squirm when note reading is mentioned.

And pulling out games, worksheets, and quick activities that are holiday themed make it even more exciting! I have favorites that I pull out every year. But the longer I teach, the longer I have the same students, and those students don’t necessarily want (or need) the same activities year after year. Below you’ll find free and easy activities that will have your students truly engaged in their learning, and equipped with expert note reading skills in no time 🙂

Today’s freebie is a pack of 8 worksheets you can use with students reading middle C and C position. Quick, easy, and perfect to start or end a lesson or send home for reinforcement. Cupid needs help with his target practice!

Keep an eye out for more freebies in the next couple of weeks!

Looking for last year’s worksheets? Check them out here 🙂


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