Valentine’s Day Freebies

Looking for fun and easy ways to incorporate Valentine’s Day into piano lessons? Whether or not you like the holiday, you can be sure your students are getting into the spirit! I’ve already had a few students bring valentines by the studio and wearing their pinkest, cheeriest, and heart-filled outfits 😉

Today I’ve included 3 activities you can hit “print” and be all set to go! A coloring sheet, puzzles, and interval matchups will have your students getting into the holiday spirit and pulling you along. I’ve said it before, but holidays are the absolutely best way to bring some excitement into the often mundane repetition needed in learning music!

Looking for more Valentine’s Day activities? Last year I posted a DIY that you can find here.
How do you incorporate Valentine’s Day into your studio? Do you decorate? Give students their own valentines? Does it look different for you if you are online this year?


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