On the Hunt: A Free Score Study Printable

And just like that, summer is over and school has ushered in fall (although it’s been in the 90s here in Cleveland 😉 ). Whether or not your students have continued through the summer and need a change of pace, or your students have been off all summer and need to get back into a groove, today’s post and FREE download is for you!

If you’ve been around the blog for any length of time, you’ve noticed that I often repeat the old proverb, “Repetition is the mother of learning.” You’ll also notice that I’ve brought score study into the mix several times.

Why? Because my ultimate goal is for my students to be able to play piano and no longer need me to be successful in playing. And with this goal in mind from the very beginning, it requires me to teach students how to study a score in order to play it for themselves.

Because repetition is the mother of learning, my goal is to present score study in as many different ways as possible, while keeping the core questions and principles in their minds week after week 🙂

So in the spirit of back to school and all things new, I have repackaged an old concept into a new activities.

Print out the Score Study Scavenger Hunt packet below, and have your students actively searching to complete their score study as fast as they can!

Looking for other score study resources? Check out the St. Patty’s Day and Ninja themed score study resources below 🙂

St. Patty’s Day Score Study

Piano Ninja Score Study


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