Fun Fact Friday Launch

Hi Friends! It’s McKenzie 😊 I spend a lot of time talking about teaching, but haven’t taken the time to introduce myself yet… so some spark notes on myself:

🎵I grew up in a musical family… I only have one brother, but the house was always loud because we each play 3 instruments.
🎵I love reading, kayaking, hiking, traveling, and generally being outdoors.
🎵I live in Cleveland, Ohio … minutes away from Lake Erie. This is my happy place ❤️
🎵I’ve been teaching piano for 10 years and love teaching students of all ages!
🎵I’m married to Jesse, a pastor here in the city. We met doing urban ministry when I was in college and we continue to love it!
🎵We also spend a lot of time on house renovation projects … in another life I might have started a blog about how NOT to be a DIYer 😉 (but piano teaching is oh so much more fun!)
🎵I’m forever trying to keep my plants alive, and I don’t drink coffee. But ice cream, cozy blankets, and a good rainy day are some of my faves. 😍
🎵The blog exists for no other reason than to encourage you to love teaching as much as I do!

You can find my official bio here 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


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