November 29, 2020

Hi Y’all!

I hope you all had a happy and healthy Thanksgiving and are ready to move ahead and embrace the Christmas season 🙂

Despite virus numbers being up, lots has been happening and will continue to happen these next 3 weeks before we hit break. Please make sure that you look through this list and ensure that you are up to speed with everything going on!

~ Our Christmas break will be the normal two weeks this year. Break begins December 21st. We will return on January 4th! Invoices will be sent out after this newsletter is posted … This coming week is already December, and invoices are due this week.

~ Many of you have gotten started on our Christmas Music Around the World Bingo …but in case you haven’t had a chance or have forgotten, you can check out all the info here.

~ A couple of weeks ago I sent out a Christmas gift guide for the student musician … I encourage you to check this out as you work on your holiday shopping!

~ Last, and most importantly, we are fast approaching our Music Against Hunger Event! EVERYONE should be participating – so if you have any questions, please let me know asap! For those sending in videos – your deadline is December 7th (a week from tomorrow). The link to upload is here. Please be creative and have some fun putting together the video! For those performing from the store (reminder – there will be NO audience. Your performance will be live-streamed for people to watch online. We have no intention of drawing in -person crowds!), please sign up for a time at the desk in-store asap! The list is out, and we want to ensure performances are spaced well as to avoid crowds.

All students – please download the performer info, and make sure you are familiar with all the details. Share, promote, and donate!! Remember the whole idea is that we are using our music to help those in need this Christmas season 🙂

Please reach out to me with any questions that arise. I’m looking forward to the next few weeks, no matter how much of a whirlwind they may be!