June 12, 2021

Hello Students and Parents,

Today we’re doubling up on June’s Family Music Challenge and Book of the Month 😊

Before we get there though, please remember …

~ to watch the recital if you haven’t yet. Encouragement cards will be due back to me the week after I get back 😊 Thank you to all who participated! You can easily access the recital video here. Feel free to share the link with family and friends.

~ There are NO lessons this week. All students should have lots to keep them busy with the our Summer Piano Ninja Challenge!

This month’s Family Music Challenge is designed to get the creative juices flowing! I’d love to see pictures of what your family comes up with 😊

Have you ever read a children’s book that deeply inspires you? This month’s featured book is Because, and it really pries into the depths of how seemingly unrelated and insignificant events can turn out to change lives. Starting with “Because a man named Ludwig wrote beautiful music – a man named Franz was inspired to create his own.” And ending with the results of a man’s choice that happened hundreds of years ago, Because is a charming kids book where the reader is taken on a journey of “because” phrases to discover how one girl’s life changed forever when hearing music. Could this be your story as well?

Check out the sneak peek below 😊  

This book is available for purchase at Skyline.

Adults – I’ve been reading Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth.  It is an excellent read on how passion and perseverance will always take a person further than raw talent. This directly relates to playing an instrument, or any area of life that we choose to pursue!

You can snag it here (and as of today it’s almost half off!).

Happy Reading,