Spring Recital 2021

It’s here! Thank you to all of the students for your hard work in preparing for this spring’s recital 🙂

A couple of things to keep in mind –

~ Each student has received a Recital-In-A-Box to be used while you watch the performances.

~ This will best be done by gathering the family around, digging into the snacks, and celebrating everyone’s hard work together!

~ Each box also contains the interactive part of the recital – students will have until June 24th to hand these in to me. If for some reason this is a problem, please let me know 🙂 It is incredibly important that you pick 12 people to encourage in their playing. Each student will receive what others have to say about their work!

~ Sentences can be short and simple. Ex – Your playing was beautiful and expressive! I can tell you worked really hard on dynamics. Nice job with your hand position, your technique looked great! I was really impressed with your performance – you were well prepared! Nice job memorizing! Etc 😉 Feel free to come up with your own – but make sure everything is positive and encouraging!

~ The recital video is a YouTube link for the 45 minute recital video … feel free to share with family and friends 🙂

~ I would LOVE to get pictures of your family audience watching the recital … let’s make this an event to remember!

P.S. We DO have lessons this coming week. We will NOT have lessons June 14-19th as I will be out of town 🙂

P.S.S. Piano Ninja Challenge comes to the studio THIS week!