May 16, 2020

Hey Y’all!

This email has 3 super important things to update you on … so please read through carefully til the end 🙂

I really need your thoughts on these questions ASAP. There is no right or wrong answer!  This will help us as a studio move forward with a good plan that works for everyone …

  1. Beginning in June, are you comfortable coming into the studio for in-person lessons? Or would you prefer to stay online for the time being?
  2. Our summer studio schedule changes each year (I do not teach evenings). This year is no exception – except that we have already changed schedules to accommodate everyone being at home right now. Does your current lesson time work for you (assuming this would stay throughout the summer), or do you prefer/need a change? If you need a change, what would work for you?
  3. How can I be supporting your family right now? Is there any way I can modify my teaching to make your music experience more enriching and helpful for you?  

Some changes I am making to the normal routine that you need to know about …

~ Piano keys and studio surfaces will be wiped down between EACH student. No exceptions 🙂

~ If you are at all sick … even just with sniffles … please request an online lesson during your usual time that week. We now know how smoothly they can run, and although not ideal, it will keep us from sharing any sickness – especially Covid-19! At the same time, if I am at all sick, I will request lessons to be online that day as well.

~ Masks are not required, but they are recommended in the studio for the time being. Once again, this is for the sake those around you as well as yourself!

~ Skyline is not allowing parents/siblings to hang out in the store during lessons. There are still limits as to how many people can be in one place at one time. Please be in the store to drop off/pick up your student, and we’ll talk about what we’ve learned this week as we usually do! The weather is getting nicer, so you can hang out in your car, go for walk around the parking lot, or sit at the tables that will be provided outside the store 🙂

Final thing for today – our Virtual Recital …

I have created a YouTube channel for this, and will be sending out the invites to upload a video later today or tomorrow (it makes me do it one at a time …). The goal is to have fun with this and share our music during this crazy time! Please upload your video anytime between May 23rd and May 30th. (Remember there are no lessons that week.) Everyone has been working so hard, and I want you to show it!

For the rest of the info on how to set up your video, check out last week’s newsletter here.

This is a lot to throw at you all … so please let me know what questions you have! And please respond in a timely manner to the most important questions – how you see yourself continuing piano this summer.

You guys are the best, and I am grateful!