February 20, 2022

Hi Y’all,

February is flying, and this is our last full week of lessons this month 🙂 Invoices have been sent out to your individual emails, and are due by the first lesson of March. Take note that there are no lessons the week of March 21st. This means there are 3 lessons for Monday students and 4 lessons for Tuesday and Wednesday students in March. Make sure to check your personal invoice for any other book charges!

Monday Students – we DO have lessons this week 🙂 The store is open, so we will be pushing ahead!

When is the best time to practice? Surprisingly, it’s not a specific time of day. Some people do their best work in the morning, while others after school or in the evening. Being consistent is important! But the BEST time to practice is the day of and after your lesson. Why? Because the work we did in lessons will be fresh, and your brain will need you to reinforce it! This doesn’t mean you get a free pass the rest of the week – but especially for those busy weeks when there will be fewer days or minutes, make sure to clock in some practice time shortly after your lesson to make sure the rest of the week’s practice is as efficient as possible 🙂

Did you miss this month’s listening posted from last week? Check out the link here to discover one of America’s most beloved composers!

Happy Practicing,