It’s Not Too Late!

This past week knocked me flat down. I went from a mild cold and enough energy for online teaching to a very bad cold where I couldn’t even teach online due to lack of sleep and voice. This week’s main activity of choice was sitting on the couch and sleeping or reading, and coincidentally enough, the book that came next in my stack was When Strivings Cease … highly recommend, but comical because my striving literally had to cease as I didn’t have the energy to function as normal.

Weeks like these {hopefully} are not your norm… but when they happen what do we work from? Thankfully the projects I am in the middle of were not due this week, and mercifully I already have Halloween lessons prepped and Christmas music prepping has already begun – so a slight halt didn’t throw me way off track! Sometimes though, an overarching studio project that just keeps plugging away when I’m not able to contribute as I’d like is a much needed relief 🙂 And right now? My studio is in the midst of fundraising for November’s upcoming Practice-a-Thon!

Once I put it in place, I had a studio project that would encourage students to practice, use our studio’s music to support the local food bank this holiday season, and it would all happen as I merely remind, reremind, and rereremind my students each week 😉 The best part? You can easily join us too! Everything you need to get started is in the original Practice-A-Thon post here. This event is flexible, and can be done for a whole month, a week, two weeks, whatever works best for your studio. Pick a local cause that your entire studio can get behind, and you’ll be all set to go!

So whether you’re out due to illness, your schedule has you running ragged, or you simply want to work ahead and be prepared in case of a set back, a studio-wide project can be just the answer for you!

Planning to join us? I’d love to hear how your studio is participating and what cause you’ll be practicing for 🙂


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