Encouraging a Musical Home Environment

How often do you have a parent accompany a new student and announce that they’ve never played an instrument? If your studio is anything like mine, this happens all the time.

How often do you request a parent get involved in their child’s practice – only to be met with shrugs and looks of helplessness. If your piano parents are anything like mine, this happens a lot.

How often do you ask your student about a specific popular song or timeless classic only to be met with blank stares? If your students are anything like mine, this happens often.

I love my students and their families, and we are all in this together! Having parents that lack musical knowledge isn’t an issue around my studio. Today I want to offer ways for you to encourage your studio parents to implement music into everyday life. There are many tips and tricks for parents to help their students with practice, but having an environment where music is the norm is the beginning of your studio families feeling like they can do this whole music thing!

When music is a part of the everyday environment, you’ll begin to notice…

The bonus to spending time encouraging your families to incorporate music into their home? It gives you yet another touch point as a teacher to connect with your piano parents. This communication bridges gaps that may occur. Consistent communication also builds trust within a studio. Trust means that the parents are more likely to bring lesson or learning problems up to you without you being forced to discover it on your own.

This year I have committed to sharing 4 items with my studio families in my weekly newsletters each month. I’ve assigned a Book of the Month recommendation, a Family Music Challenge, a Listening Prompt, and a Practice Tip to each month.

And the best part? I’m making them available to you! Head to the “for students” tab at the top of the website. Click on Piano Parent Tips, and at the top of the page you will see separate links for each of the categories.

You can also check them out here –

Family Music Challenges

Book of the Month

Practice Tips

Monthly Listening

Feel free to save the graphics to share with your studio, or send the links to your studio families in your newsletters or on social media! The pages will be updated at the beginning of each month.  

My hope is that 2021 is the year you see your studio families embrace learning music together!

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