Game-Based Learning: Football Edition

In my initial post on Game-Based learning, we talked about the MANY benefits of beginning to implement games as a regular activity in your studio. If you missed this … please check it out here!

Knowing where to start the journey in your studio can be the hardest part. There are so many resources available it can make one’s head spin! But please remember, the goal is not to overhaul your entire studio this week. The goal is to start with one student playing one game this week. Then next week add a new game and another student. Slow process? Yes. Successful and manageable process? Absolutely.

So if you’re looking for a simple way to add in some fun to your lessons this coming week, you’ve come to the right place! One of the easiest and most effective ways to add games in you studio is around holidays or national events. So in light of the fact that February 2nd is the Superbowl here in America, I am sharing 3 football related activities that you can print off and plan without a sweat!

Football Practice Challenge: Can you help the football player get ready for the big game? Giving different practice challenges can work wonders for students who thrive on visual motivation.

Football Worksheets: Help the team score a touchdown! Worksheets will be more fun and challenging if you have a goal… in this case, don’t lose the ball!

Flashcards: Wendy Stevens over at has already done the work for you on this one! Download her football themed flashcards here. Flashcards can be intensely boring if you simply flash them at your students… so this week try some of these simple ideas instead!

~ Note races: use a game piece starting at either end of the piano. Students and teachers take turns pulling one of the letter cards. Move your game piece to whichever key matches the note you pull. Whoever is the first to reach middle C wins!

~ Beat the clock: See how many notes on the staff the student can name AND play within one minute. Try again and have the student try to beat their score!

~ Football Matching: Lay out the helmets with letters on the floor in a straight line. Start a stopwatch and see how long it takes the student to match all of the notes on the staff to the proper letter!

Football Matching

Will all of the kids in your studio be football fanatics? Doubtful. But I’m sure some are into it far more than you realize, based on their family background. For those that love football, this will be a great way to connect piano to other parts of their lives. For those students who could care less, you have just implemented a fun-themed activity into their lesson. Either way, you have a win-win situation!

Game-based learning does not need to be difficult… but it does need to be intentional! Taking the first or last few minutes of the lesson to review or learn a new concept through games will bring life and excitement to your studio!


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