September 13, 2020

Hey Crew!

Lots of exciting things coming down the pipe here … many of which I can’t even tell you about yet 🙂 But nevertheless, I am excited!

I wanted to take the chance to say how proud I am of all of you! The start of school this year as been anything but easy, but you all are pushing through and making good things happen. Keep up the good work!

For lessons this week, please know that I understand the stress you’ve been under. Of course I want you all practicing, but I am also prepared to make the most of our time together – whatever your practice has looked like and as you try to work out a new routine!

With that being said, keep in mind that now is the PERFECT time to establish good practice routine. Let me know if you want to talk through ideas on this!

I have just posted our second featured composition on our studio Facebook page … please check out both Annie and Alek’s (posted last week) compositions at

I also wanted to post a reminder to those still online – I am now teaching all lessons from the store, whether online or in person. Whenever you are safely ready to come back in person, I will be ready and waiting (armed with Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer, of course!). Please keep an open dialogue with me on your thoughts … news and guidelines are constantly changing, so I am ready to change and be flexible with both what they recommend and what you are desiring for your lesson time 🙂

Happy Practicing,