May 3, 2020

Hey Crew!

BIG NEWS happening around here! But first …

~ Please remember that invoices are due by your first lesson in a month (that means this week!). Venmo, ApplePay, Zelle, and cash/check (4445 W. 49th St. Cleve, OH 44144) are all perfectly fine.

~ Online lessons are continuing through at least the end of May. More updates on that as we see how government officials encourage us to move forward.

~ No more new creativity projects due to our big news …. BUT feel free to check out past projects and complete them HERE.

And now …. Drumroll please …. BIG NEWS!

We are having a Virtual Student Recital! Because our spring recital is usually scheduled in May, I am still wanting everyone to have a chance to perform! This will involve submitting videos for a YouTube channel … but other than that, more details will be forthcoming. I’ve been working hard to make this fun! We’ll talk this week about songs that can be performed.

I’m hoping that this is a fun, low-stress, and exciting way to bring our studio together and showcase the great things y’all have been working on. I truly am so proud of the work that has been accomplished during this time!!!

That’s all for today … I hope you were able to enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend, and are ready for a fun and productive week ahead! As I type this the birds are singing loudly outside. I sure am ready for spring 🙂

Happy Practicing,