July 3, 2021

Hello Students and Parents,

Welcome to July!

As more things are opening up and people get vaccinated, concerts are becoming a real thing again! This month’s Family Music Challenge encourages you to experience a concert in whatever way you feel safe right now – in person, outside, or online 😊 Supporting musicians and experiencing live music is super important!  

How are your Piano Ninja Challenges going? Don’t forget that there are lots of ways to earn ninja throwing stars that can be done at home and on the road away from the piano! I’ve loved hearing how each of you have engaged with music and earned stars throughout the week 😊

Almost all recital comment cards are in, and I will be passing these out shortly. Thank you for your patience with me as I sort them all! It’s been fun to read about what stood out to you during the recital.

Please remember that invoices are due this week. Thank you for your promptness with this 😊 There will be no lessons July 19-23 or August 9-13. So make sure to mark your calendars.

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!