January 9, 2021

Hello Students and Parents,

THANK YOU so much for a fantastic first week back to lessons in 2021! I am very excited for what is to come in the year ahead, and thrilled that music is alive and well in the midst of very unsettling times.

Did you see our studio Family Music Challenge in last week’s newsletter? Each month I will be sending one along… so stay tuned! This month’s challenge is to watch a music-themed movie together as a family. I’d love to hear what you choose to see!

Each month I will also be sending along a book idea. “The world belongs to those who read”, and I hope to become a piano studio that reads! Each month I’ll be sharing a book that will enhance each student’s knowledge of music through reading. I LOVE this month’s book, and would love to hear that it becomes a favorite bedtime story in your home 😊

You can snag this beauty on amazon here, or you can also order it from the author’s website here.

Happy Reading,