January 16, 2021

We have made it halfway through what often seems to be the longest month of the year 😉

At this point of January we are usually either celebrating when we’ve successfully continued our New Year’s resolutions for half a month, or have already moved on when we’ve failed.

I hope you have implemented some practice resolutions into your family’s routine, and I’m here to tell you that it is not too late to start now! I realize that many of you piano parents are not musicians, so my hope is that by sharing practice tips each month you will have a renewed sense of how you can help your child. For those students who are getting this email, keep this reminder nearby!

Do you set goals when you practice? They can be big: finish this song. Or small: learn these two measures, add dynamics, etc.

Parents – I encourage you to ask your child their goal for practice before they practice (with or without you). Feel free to ask them if they accomplished it at the end of their practice! Accountability can go a long way in success 🙂

Practicing without a goal can be dangerous … simply playing through a song over and over from start to finish and hoping you get better does not count as practice. You will actually be solidifying mistakes and making your job much harder down the road!

Happy Practicing,


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