February 20, 2021

We have already arrived at the last week of lessons for February! The invoices for March were sent out with this newsletter in individual emails this morning … please remember that this is due by your first lesson of the month 😊

How has practice been going so far this year? Has January’s tip helped? Always having a goal when practicing is incredibly important for progress!

Do you set goals when you practice? They can be big: finish this song. Or small: learn these two measures, add dynamics, etc.

February’s Practice Tip is one of my favorites:  Slo-Mo!

Life often feels as though it’s running at break-neck speeds (somehow even in the middle of a pandemic!). And this can make it hard for us to slow down when we’re practicing piano. But when we play too fast – and continually play mistakes – we end up putting mistakes in our muscle memory instead of the correct way to play.

This month as you/your child practice, work to slow down and play at a speed of no mistakes 😊 You’ll be surprised how smooth it goes when you speed the piece up after practicing it slowly!

Happy Practicing!