April 26, 2020

Hey Y’all!

I hope this email finds you well 🙂 There are three important things that I want to highlight this week

~As during this entire season, the next month is very uncertain. How fast we will open up, what opening up will look like in a safe way, and when and how you feel safe coming out are all yet to be seen. So for now, I am planning to continue online lessons through the month of May. I will be sending out email invoices today/tomorrow, although numbers are pretty straight across the board (3 lessons, $66 per student).

I have a trip planned for the last week in May that has not yet been determined whether it will be canceled or not. I am charging you as though I’m gone, and will let you know if the trip is cancelled. If I am available that week, Tuesday-Thursday students will have the opportunity to have a lesson, with the charge added to June’s invoice (Monday is Memorial Day and will be off either way). Hopefully this all makes sense!

~ How can I be of help to you? What are ways I can improve online lessons during this season for you? How can I make weekly communication more effective? Is there anything else I can be doing for you/your family during this time? My sincere hope is that music is something you/your family can turn to right now as a source of peace, relaxation, and normalcy. Please let me know what I can be doing and adjusting to help!

~ Our creativity project for the week is a Pajama Party!

Grab your favorite children’s book, put on your comfiest pajamas, and have a parent/sibling read the book while you create sound effects on the piano. It can be a song that accompanies the entire book, or sound effects for different parts of the book where it makes sense 🙂

Take a video, and share your finished product with me! Bonus points if you wear pj’s to your lesson this week 😉

Looking forward to hearing from/seeing you all this week. Thanks for being the best studio families a girl could ask for!