April 24, 2021

Hey Crew!

We have already arrived at the last week of April… it seems like this month has flown by 😊

Important things to know this week –

~ Individual invoices have been sent out along with this newsletter (in separate emails). Please remember that the invoice is due by the first lesson of May.

~ Our Spring Video Recital will be the first weekend in June – videos will be due by June 3rd and the official viewing day will be Sunday, June 6th 😊 Make sure to set the afternoon aside!

~ Policy Change ~ Since the pandemic, online lessons have become a regular part of what we do. Though most of you are back in studio for lessons, online lessons are still a great option when you or someone in your household is sick, or for the occasional scheduling snafu 😊 Moving forward, an online lesson request will not be guaranteed unless you request it by the beginning of my teaching day. This is because I lesson plan differently based on online or in-person format, and I want to ensure that you/your child gets the best lesson experience possible! If there is a last minute need to switch online, I still encourage you to ask, but I cannot guarantee that I will be able to fulfill the lesson based on the resources I have in-studio that day.

*for those still entirely online, this will take place when you decide to come back full time, you do not have to let me know every week.

~ Finally, check out our Monthly Listening for April!

This month’s listening is short and sweet … Check out this amazing arrangement of Bach’s Goldberg Variation #5 (originally written for harpsichord).

Interested in the original?

See you in the studio,


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