April 19, 2020

Hello Students and Parents!

I hope this email finds you well in the midst of the ever-changing news. I am excited that we have begun hearing headlines with positive news, and am hoping this will continue!

As we near May, I am operating under the assumption that school will NOT be returning, and that our online lessons will continue through the next month. It would take some pretty drastic change this week to alter this. Please keep an eye out as many decisions regarding both lessons and the store will be made in the upcoming days!

As for this week …

~ thank you for being awesome! It has been a joy to see your faces and hear your voices, even if we can’t be together in person!

~ Our “Gotcha” challenge is still going on! If you spot your child practicing without being prompted, please email or text me a pic. They will be entered into the drawing for an Amazon gift card! One entry is possible per week per student.

~ Our Creativity Challenge for the week is a composer research project. Pick your favorite composer or one you’d like to learn more about. Research them and learn about their life and music. Then draw a picture, make a poster, or dress up as your composer and tell me about them on a video! Have some fun, and enjoy teaching me (and your family!) what you learn!

(Examples of people you could research … Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, John Williams, Copland, your favorite pop/country artist (as long as they write their own songs!), etc.)

One important final reminder: please have your music, a pencil, paper, highlighter, and (for the middle school/elementary aged students) a dice and play-doh nearby at the time of your lesson!

Happy Practicing!