September 25, 2021

Hello Students and Parents,

Typically I send out a practice tip on the last newsletter of the month to remind you to think about how you are practicing. But today (as promised) I have even more exciting news – that still involves practice!

Why are we doing this? – Because music is meant to be shared. But that doesn’t have to be simply performing for others (although this is a huge part of it too!). My goal each year is that my students learn how to use their music to make a difference in our community. This can take many different creative forms, but for us, it is using our music to benefit the Greater Cleveland Food Bank 🙂

What is a practice-a-thon? A practice-a-thon gives students and teachers the opportunity to use their music for a good cause. Students will spend one month collecting sponsors to pledge donations based on their practice time. Sponsors can pledge a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, or dollar per minute of practice, or pledge a flat fee. Students will then track their practice for the month of November and collect the money to donate to the food bank in time for the Music Against Hunger event. Students will have the opportunity to perform the music they have been practicing over the holidays at Music Against Hunger (either in-person or online via pre-recorded video). Since the pandemic, more people have used the food bank’s services than ever before, and in our city every dollar donated provides 4 meals.

Who is this for? Everyone! I am asking all students, regardless of age, to participate in the Practice-A-Thon.

When are we doing this? And other important dates …

~ Invoices will be sent out Saturday, September 25th. Please remember that these will be due by your first lesson day of the month 😊 See you all in the studio this week!

~ October: Fundraising Month. Students will be collecting people that pledge to sponsor them based on November’s practice.

~ Halloween is upon us, and as usual, we will have plenty of festive activities in our lessons this month!

~ November: The Practice-A-Thon! Track your practice carefully!

~ December 11th: Skyline’s annual Music Against Hunger Event will be hybrid in-person and virtual this year. All money pledged will be collected by December 11th and turned in that day. Your sponsors will be invited to watch you live at Skyline or tune in online for the show 😊

Looking for past tips on how to practice? You can see our collection of monthly tips by clicking here.

Practice-A-Thon packets will be sent out in lessons this week and further details given.  

Happy Practicing!