September 18, 2022

We are already more than half way through September, and the month is flying by!

This week, I wanted to take the time to point out that this month is George Gershwin’s birthday. Do you know who he is? Gershwin was a composer in the early 1900s who accomplished an incredible amount of music in his short, 38 year life. George claimed to hear music in every day noise, and this contributed to how he wrote his music. His work spanned jazz, popular, and classical music. He composed for several Broadway musicals!

This month’s book recommendation is available in the store, and tells the story of George Gershwin and how he transformed sound into music. You can learn more about Gershwin here 🙂

FYI Adults – This is a kid’s book, but I have enjoyed learning about his life all the same! I have in the meantime been reading several books in order to tell you about them, but they’ve fallen flat and would not be books can honestly recommend because I enjoyed them. I am forever reading though, and would love to hear if you’ve read anything music-related that you can suggest to me!

See you in the studio,