October 16, 2022

Hi Y’all,

THANK YOU to those who completed last week’s survey 🙂 This helps me serve you better and as I make decisions heading into the new year. If you didn’t take it, it would still be helpful for me if you take 2 minutes to complete it now. Thank you!

Also in case you missed it last week … our Music Against Hunger date has been finalized for December 10th. Please mark your calendars now!

I am currently in the process of picking out Christmas music … we will begin this your first lesson after Halloween 🙂

And while we’re talking about Christmas (don’t worry, I don’t like seeing the array of holidays on the store shelves any more than most of you 😉 ), I know that some of you are early Christmas gift shoppers. Don’t forget that Skyline is ready and available to help with all of your Christmas gift needs!

My favorite gift items are from the Skyline Kids section … and this month’s book of the month can be found there too! Be sure to check it out below, and know that we just got a HUGE order to restock the book section, so it will be worth checking out the next time you’re around 🙂

Although this is an older one, Lives of the Musicians: Good Times, Bad Times (and What the Neighbors Thought) is a fun, witty, and interesting look at the lives of composers from the Baroque time period through the 20th century. This book is perfect for your upper elementary/middle school students, although I enjoyed reading it just as much as I know they will! Little vignettes of each composer give a refreshingly human perspective with background that sets each one apart as unique. No matter your age, this is worth a read!

Hope you’re having a great weekend!