November 27, 2021

Hello Students and Parents,

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and were able to safely enjoy being with friends and family 🙂

A few things to remember this week –

~ Our Christmas Break will begin December 20th and lesson will resume January 3rd. Make sure to mark your calendars!

~ Invoices are due by the first lesson of the month. Be sure to pay careful attention to the total as the time off is reflected in your individual invoice.

~ Practice-A-Thon ends this week! On Wednesday ( December 1), take the time to tally your totals for how many minutes you have practiced. Then tally how much each sponsor owes you based on your practice minutes. Please let them know using the sponsor letter below how much they will be donating (remember that every $1 enables the food bank to provide 4 meals!) The final step is collecting your money and reporting to me your practice minutes and $ total. Even if your sponsors donate online, we want to know how many meals our studio has donated to provide 🙂 Thank you all for your hard work!

~ Music Against Hunger is Saturday, December 11th! Have you signed up for a time yet? Everything you need to know is in the handout below – please make sure to read it and ask questions if something isn’t answered in there 🙂

~ Looking for more ways to keep up with the studio? Check out our Facebook page @mckenziespianostudio or the For Students tab at

~ Although our Practice-A-Thon is coming to a close, I hope you have found that you’ve gained habits that will keep you practicing well in the weeks and months ahead! This month’s official practice tip is

Playing through a song over and over again hoping the mistakes will go away isn’t very effective. Make sure you slow down and take the time to fix the mistakes along the way so they don’t get worse!

Happy Practicing,


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