May 15, 2022

Only one week until our performances 🙂 Please make sure you know all of the details below.

*note that the list of performers from last week (and you see it below here) only represents which students will play at which recital … it does not represent the order they will play in 🙂

Who? Those performing will be from our piano studio only. Each recital is slated for 12 students.

What? Spring Recital 2022

Where? This performance will be at Skyline Music. Can’t picture it? We tear down the store, set up chairs, and put the piano on the stage up front.

When? Sunday, May 22nd at 2pm and 4 pm. Please double check the list to make sure your assigned time is what you requested.

2p: Annalise, Kyle V, Aleks, Jon, Chuck, Sam, Sophia, Gabby, Sabrina, Ashley, Elizabeth, Annie

4p: Carol, Charlie, Danny, Margerita, Henry, Adam, Kyle H, Brook, Mckenna, Deirdre, Finn, Paisley

Why? Everyone has been working hard, and I am so excited to give the opportunity to display their efforts 🙂

Details to keep in mind –

~ Performers must dress up. No jeans or tennis shoes. Dresses, skirts, dress pants, etc please!

~ Performers must clip their nails ahead of time … No one wants to hear fingers clicking on the keys.

~ Performers need to bring their music. If your pieces are memorized, please bring the music and leave it at your seat when performing. You cannot count on me or the store having a copy of your music if you forget it. Any loose leaf music should be placed in a binder or taped to cardboard to make it more secure.

~ Performers must show up by 1:45p for the 2p performance and 3:45 for the 4p performance. If you hope to play the piano at the store ahead of time, you must come at least a half hour early.

~ Performers must stay for the entire show. Neither recital will be longer than 45 minutes, and it is important to cheer on our fellow performers and see the work everyone else is doing!

In the meantime – please make sure that you are practicing how you plan to perform. This is critical! All students should practice the 4 steps and bowing at the end of their piece in their practice at home over the next few weeks 🙂

For this month’s listening, I want to expand your idea of what a piano is just a bit. Take a look at these incredible instruments!

See you in the studio,