March 27, 2021

Hey Crew!

We have already arrived at the last month of March, and I want to share a piano piece for Women’s History Month for our listening 😊  

It’s Women’s History Month!

There are lots of other female composers and pianists that you can be listening to –

Clara Schumann

Amy Beach

Fanny Mendelssohn

Florence Price

Cecile Chaminade

Lili Boulanger

Nadia Boulanger

… and the list goes on! I encourage you to look up their music as well 😊

Individual invoices have been sent out along with this newsletter (in separate emails). Please remember that the invoice is due by the first lesson of April 😊

Stay tuned for upcoming information about recital/performance information!

I also want to mention that I learned something new this weekend …. please make sure you give your piano tuners a HUGE thank you the next time they’re around! My grandpa has always done ours and is passing his equipment on to me. I have always been grateful, but have never had so much respect for the professionals 🙂 Aren’t naked pianos fun to look at?!

See you in the studio,


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