March 20, 2022

Hi y’all,

Things to remember as we head into this week –

~ There are no lessons this week as I am out of town. Enjoy the time off, but remember that practice is still important 😉

~ This spring’s recital date is Sunday, May 22nd. There will be more details to come, but for now mark your calendars and know that there will be two performance times open that day.

~ Women’s History Month means that we get to highlight some of my favorite artists in the Skyline Kid’s department! Books abound to teach us about female musicians who have used their music to make a difference.

Find these books and more about women in music in the Skyline Kids department or on this site at the Book Nook page 🙂

Did you catch last week’s listening prompt? If not, be sure to listen to Hazel Scott as she takes total command of the keys 🙂 For my older beginner and adult readers – I just finished her biography, and found it fascinating to learn about her life on and off of the stage. She was one of the trailblazers for women in television, she worked fought for equality alongside her politician husband, and she was one of the youngest and first women of color to attend Julliard (beginning at the age of 8!).

Happy Reading and enjoy the week off,