June 7, 2020

Hey y’all,

My heart grieves at having to start out this way. Dan, the owner here at Skyline, has asked me to let you all know that his wife went into hospice this past Friday. She has been fighting an aggressive form of cancer since Christmas 2018. She is declining rapidly now, but is peaceful. We don’t expect her to last much past this week, if she even makes it past the next few days.

Due to these circumstances, I will be running the store along with Brynna for the entire week if necessary. We have scheduled so that neither of us will be teaching while running the store unless something unusual happens. I am letting you know in case something does happen – please be prepared to be flexible! This may mean me moving your lesson or having to answer a phone call in the middle of it.

I appreciate your understanding in this. We are not surprised by it, but the end is never easy.

On a lighter note, I want to congratulate everyone who has worked so hard this past spring! Whether or not you participated in the recital, you have overcome incredible odds, and you have all amazed me with the different creative ways you have worked through this quarantine!

Thank you to those who uploaded the videos and voted … I would say it was a definite success!

As promised, here are the winners of our “Best in Show” competition:

1.Best Fast Piece: Adam Yaman – Arabesque

2. Best Slow Piece: Aleks Previts- Sunrise

3. Best Pet Bomb: Finn Peters

4. Best Stage Production: Brook Lapping

5. Most Clever Costume: Danny Yaman

6. Most Elaborate Costume: Henry Miller

7. Overall Most Musical Performance: Jon Previts – Plan of Attack


Finally, as usual we will have a summer project we work on collectively 🙂

I managed to forget to discuss this with some of you last week – so in a nutshell each student will be picking a favorite book for the summer. This week- please be thinking about which book you want, and a character or scene from the book.

Then we will use this character or scene to write a composition based on the book! Check out the packet below for more details (some students will be doing a simplified version, others more advanced, but this will give a good framework).

*if you/your child is already working on a composition of any kind, we will stick with what we are already in the middle of 🙂

Summer is here! I am excited to move forward and continue our learning in fun and creative ways!

Happy Practicing,