July 19, 2020

Hello Parents and Students!

I hope this email finds you all well and enjoying the dog days of summer 🙂

I wanted to touch base on a few items today as we are already more than halfway though July! It all goes so fast.

~ Invoices for August will be going out next week. I wanted to give you an early heads up that I will be taking off Monday, August 10-Thursday, August 13. Jesse and I are moving, and feel this will give us the time needed to move well and with less stress 🙂 This puts 4 lessons for Mondays and 3 lessons for all the other days through the month.

~ Scheduling is certainly on everyone’s mind. I have avoided questioning too much so far, as I know schools are just now announcing their plans to move forward. Expect the fall piano schedule to look pretty similar to when we stopped lessons in the spring. There will be a few minor adjustments, but most students who have continued taking lessons will have first dibs at their previous times. If you know you need a change for any reason, let me know as soon as possible please!

Parents – I realize that you are faced with difficult decisions that are keeping you up at night. Please know that I am here to support, encourage, and reaffirm your decisions. What is right for one family is not the same right answer for the next! School details are hard, and have been since things shut down. I have been so pleased at how many of you have continued lessons and kept music stable in your family life while everything else has been turned upside down or canceled. Let me know what I can be doing to best continue this!

~ Our summer composition project has been so encouraging … your creativity and fresh ideas have been so exciting to hear and uncover as we work together! Thank you all for being such incredible students … even in the crazy times you bring so much joy to my life! Keep an eye out on our facebook page (@mckenziespianostudio). As students finish their compositions, I’m hoping to share their hard work for you all to see!

Looking forward to hearing from you all as we move forward in the weeks ahead,