July 10, 2022

Hi Y’all,

I am back in town and excited to get back to teaching this week – so yes, we do have lessons!

This is our first lesson week of the month … please remember that if you have not paid July’s invoice, it is due by your lesson this week 🙂 Thanks!

The next week we will have off begins Monday, July 25th. Make sure to mark your calendars!

For this month’s summer reading suggestion –

Or that the accordion is the national instrument of Finland? The triangle used to have as many as eight angles? The celesta looks like a piano but is actually a percussion instrument that is relatively new to history? There is a pocket trumpet that is wound tightly so it is only 8 inches in length?

The Stories of Musical Instruments has these fun facts and more! Now available in the Skyline Kids department, this is the perfect addition to your summer reading stack 🙂

See you in the studio!