January 30, 2021

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you for being such amazing studio families … as the coronavirus continues to hit closer and closer to home, many of you have requested online lessons when you have been exposed and/or have the virus. Your diligence has ensured that my studio is a safe place, and I am grateful!

The best way to get through this pandemic is by supporting each other and doing our best stay safe and healthy! Along the same line, Dan posted a wind instrument article on the store’s Facebook page that I thought I’d pass along. There has been very little research so far, but what is coming out now is exciting and showing that playing instruments are much safer than originally thought! Several of you also play wind instruments, so you should check this out!


Finally, February begins this week. Please remember that your invoices are due by this week’s lesson, and that there have been several family-oriented music activities suggested throughout the month (see January’s below). I hope you find these helpful!

~See you in the studio,


This month’s listening 🙂